Smartphone Plans Make me Feel Dumb

For all of my smartphone using life, my work has paid for my phone and plan. At the time, this seemed like "not-a-big-deal". Sure it was convenient and saved me some undefined amount of money that I never thought about, but how bad could it be to deal with that stuff?

Bad. Very bad.

Now I've started a new job where they do not pay for my phone and plan. I've been cast adrift in the confusing sea of plans and discounts and fine print and OH GOD HELP ME! It turns out that I'm not good at this. I get easily confused trying to keep track of the different prices if I lease the phone, pay for the phone in installments, or just buy the phone outright. And then I have to think about the plans. The PLANS!! Family sharing, individual lines, unlimited, very limited. My brain is feeling delimited.

In the end, the issue is that I keep hoping to find a trick. Some way of configuring the plans and phones that ends up with me not paying $125 or more every month for our phones. Adding $125 to the monthly budget is not exciting, but I'm starting to accept that it is the new normal. Or maybe I'll start a trend and go back to my bar phone. You can still get those, right?


Responding with Compassion

“Resentment is like taking poison and waiting for the other person to die.”

We all carry resentment. We all make judgments. Recently, I’ve started to prod myself to respond with compassion instead. At first I told myself to give people the benefit of the doubt, but that isn’t quite enough. That would simply withhold judgment. I want to go one step further and engage with the person. They’ve messed up. Haven’t I messed up as well? Instead of condemning, I need to ask “How can I understand?”. Take the hate, and replace with compassion.

And if I can’t tamp down those negative feelings, I repeat that wonderful quote above about the poison. My negative feelings won’t change what they’ve done, but they will certainly affect my life.


Cincinnati Library calendar in iCal format

The Cincinnati Library has an online calendar that has all the events for all the branches. Unfortunately there was no way to subscribe in Google Calendar. However, after a little digging I found that you can grab the RSS feed (which is supplied) and make a small change to the URL in order to get an iCal-compatible URL. Not much to it, but I bet someone else wants to do this, too. Hopefully Google will lead them here.

So you go to the library's calendar page, then copy the link from the RSS button (usually by right-clicking on the button and choosing copy link). Paste the link into a text editor (notepad, textedit, word, whatever) and look for where it says dm=rss2. Change it so it is dm=ical. Then copy and paste that new URL into your Google Calendar or iCal or any other calendar program that can subscribe to iCal calendars.

Here's the help article.


Indy 500

It was an exciting race this year. They were saying that the new cars are designed to make drafting and passing easier, so we saw the most lead changes in Indy 500 history! It was also the hottest in history, but that didn't seem to change too much.

I enjoyed seeing Tony Kanaan finish so well. I bet he could've done even better if there hadn't been that crash right at the end. Still I think Sato is a racer to keep an eye on, and Dario should've given him a little more room on that pass!



Sometimes it feels good to sweat. Today was one of those days. I haven't sweat like that in a long time. It was just pouring off. But it DID feel good to get outside and do some manual labor. Of course, a little of that goes a long way ;-)


Catching Up

It's funny how some clients can be almost like friends. I really enjoy the conversations I have with this particular client. We talk about our kids, and what's been going on with our families. We seem to have similar views on life and it's always nice to talk with her. Good times.

A Breakthrough

I finally cracked a difficult problem I was having at work. I knew all it would take was a little time for me to focus without distractions. I have to be able to keep on the thread. If I lose it then I get too frazzled and confused. But finally I was able to see it through!!


Being Elmo

Saw a really interesting documentary called Being Elmo. It's about the puppeteer who controls Elmo. Well, really he IS Elmo. Amazing story about coming up from nothing and following your dreams. Glad I found it on Netflix.


Feeling heard

It's always nice when you feel like someone's listening. I had an issue with a website today. Nothing catastrophic, but still annoying. I put in a support ticket and then tweeted about it. I actually got my answer faster on Twitter than email! It was nice to get such a quick response.


Mexican Fiesta

My brother and his family invited my daughter to stay with them over the weekend. It's great to have them so much closer to us now. Instead of needing to take a plane, we can just take a short drive. Awesome!!

She had a great time, and they invited me up for dinner on Sunday when I picked her up. We had Mexican. A great choice, because my daughters and I LOVE Mexican! I stuffed myself plenty and had a wonderful time.